Five Photoshop Skills for Better Sports Photography and Action Shots

Certain photographs in the world of sport are so iconic – for instance, capturing the moment wherein the great Muhammad Ali knocked out then-champion Sonny Liston. Taking such photographs ensure that the moments and the zeitgeist in which they existed in are captured and preserved for all eternity – plus, taking photographs of sports in action is just so cool and fun to do.

To those who have had any experience with doing sports photography, many will invariably be well-versed in using Photoshop to edit and enhance their photos – and for good reason.

See, Photoshop is the most popular and widely used photo and video editing tool, which has been used by several numbers of professional photographers to take their photography to a higher level – bar none. Using the different features and options in the Photoshop tool makes for greater creative freedom to get the perfect shot. And many sports photographers use Photoshop to get the best lighting, greater exposure, and composition in doing so.

And that is precisely why we’re sharing 5 important skills to master for you to get the best out of your action shots – and here they are.

1. Crop It Like It’S Hot

Cropping is a feature that is very helpful in getting a specific portion of the image in just the right manner. All Photoshop users should need to learn this cropping skill in CS5 or CS6 version of the Photoshop tool by just dragging your image through the crop box and saving the cropped copy separately for your usage.

2. Working With Curves And Levels

This is actually an advanced approach to the contrast and brightness of the photos. As the simple contrast and brightness sliders apply global changes to your photos, this new option of levels and curves allows everyone to make more targeted and also finely tune adjustments to your images.

3. Layers, Layers, And More Layers

To be considered a professional Photoshop user, you will need to understand working with different layers of your action shots or sports photographs. Every layer of the photograph basically contains data, and depending on the opacity and also blending mode of the data, it will be visible on the image. When you are very much interested in editing sports photos, it is always crucial to understand how to work with different layers to make targeted and specific changes with all your necessary adjustments.

4. Tones, Shades, And Saturation

Similar to the adjustments of the brightness & contrast, you must also have to be very careful while adjusting the saturation of the image. It is a very important feature that helps adjust the skin tones of the photos.

5. Post (Pop) Sharpening

It is another most important Photoshop skill which will greatly take your practice and also the light hand to the upper level by usually increasing the edge contrast.

These 5 skills are all you need to take your action shots to the highest level when you master them – and send you on your way to taking the perfect shot every time.