Learning to use Photoshop – 5 Basic Tips for Photoshop Newbies

There are people who get intimidated by Photoshop. They think it is something that requires years of education and only the creative and gifted ones can master it. Well, that is not true. Photoshop is a program that can be learned by literally anyone. If you want to try your hand at it, you can either enroll to a course or just teach yourself how to do it.
Here are some tips for new users of Photoshop.

1. Learn the terms.

Being familiar with the most common Photoshop terms is important. Every time you come across a word or a phrase you have no idea of, it is best that you look up what it means right away and try to use it as often as you can. The more terms you become familiar with, the easier it is for you to move forward on your learning. For example, DPI means Dots Per Inch, and it is a term frequently used in printing; pixels are what make up an image, i.e. the more pixels present, the better the quality and bigger the file; and a mask refers to a tool that marks certain areas on the image that are kept the same and not changed during the editing.

2. Understand what each tool is for.

Once you learn a few common terms used in Photoshop, you need to experience how each one works. Open up Photoshop on your computer or laptop and try to use each tool. Get a feel of what it can do. Doing this will help make you remember their names and functions faster.

3. Memorize the keyboard shortcuts.

As you learn more and more about Photoshop, there will come a time when learning keyboard shortcuts becomes beneficial. Key shortcuts enable you to work faster, in comparison to using a mouse. Some of the most frequently used are V for the moving tool, F for toggling through the different display screen modes, B for the paintbrush tool, Space Bar for the temporary hand key, E for the eraser tool, W for the quick selection tool, and S for the cloning or stamp tool.

4. Practice as often as you can.

An electric toothbrush from is always a good choice, but if you have a photo where your smile doesn’t produce the white teeth you were hoping for after all that brushing, there are many tools and functions that will produce that high quality white-teeth image you were looking for. Use such functionality of the program as much as you can, because the longer the time you spend using Photoshop, the closer you become to being a master at it.

5. Check out the works of Photoshop experts.

If you need inspiration and motivation, do not hesitate to check out the works of people who are skilled at Photoshop. Watch video tutorials and pick up techniques that you can use.