The Perfect #Selfie is Easier than You Think it Is

Taking a selfie is an exciting and fun way to show the world more about your fashion sense, personality and confidence. From presidents to award winner actresses and actors, almost everyone is doing it. But, taking a selfie doesn’t necessarily mean that you always have to point the camera in front of your face and then shoot. There’s always an art in taking your selfie. This way, it will become more impressive and more creative to look at.

We’ve come up with our 6 best ways for you to perfect the “rocket science” of making a selfie – and send you on your way to instant Instagram recognition.

1. Take a Selfie With a Blowdrier, Lipstick, and Makeup

If you want to have that perfect selfie, why not try to make use of blowdryer, make-up and lipstick for your appearance to become more impressive and more stunning (or a curler if you need a curling iron). You will definitely appear good and confident after you have applied all these items.

2. Make the Most Out of Your Phone’s Camera

A perfect selfie is achieved right after you have used the perfect phone. The quality of your selfie will also become better if you will use the best camera. This is also especially if you will take the best shoot.

3. Light Up!

Poor lighting can break or make your selfie. A too dim environment will stop you from seeing your selfie photos clearly. A too bright environment may also appear as if you are a ghost. Most people who want to take selfie outdoor choose to take photos an hour before the sunset and an hour before the sunrise. If you are stuck in your indoor environment, you can still find some of the best light sources that will help you with your selfie photo. A huge and nice window is already a perfect avenue for a natural light in your selfie photo.

4. Zoom In

If you really want to emphasize your face during your selfie, never forget to zoom in the settings of the camera. Well, this will somehow appear to be a self-portrait. This will somehow help you to clearly see the main subject of the photo in a large size and in a nice way. This will also make things closer together.

5. Crop Lightly

Unless the background is necessary, you must never crop it out. If you want to cut out some busy and distracting background that will make your selfie photo a bit better, you can always do so. Just crop the picture lightly and show off your best.

6. Put Emphasis to Your Emotion

A selfie photo will never appear perfect as you want without the use of proper emotion. Try to consider the kind of emotion you want to emphasize in the photo. Smile if you’re happy and show glow of joy on your face. When you do so, you’re assured that you will not only show confidence but also your personality.

These are just six of the myriad of ways you can get that perfect selfie – do you have any other tips? Feel free to share them with us via the comments. Why not post yours, for that matter?