Planning a Photoshoot in Your Bedroom to Take Feedworthy Photos? Read This First!

So, you wanna up your Instagram feed game to the levels that are deserving of the models and the influencers of social media, huh?

If you are preparing for a photo shoot in your bedroom, then a nondescript and drab-looking room is out of the question. You may have heard it said before; that images, particularly quality images, are everything in today’s contemporary world of selfies and Snapchats. Luckily there’s photoshop to bring your pics to the next level. Bedrooms can be hard to decorate, however, it is entirely possible to achieve your desired look.

Pile On Those Pillows

Pillows with different asymmetrical patterns, complex colors, and designs have the capacity to transform your bedroom from a hovel to a sanctuary. You should pile up enough pillows so that your bed looks inviting, especially after styling the rest of the bedroom. Do not shy away from combining a mix of large prints with small prints and floral pillows with elements of geometrics.

Avoid Blank Walls – Hang Some Artwork

The biggest issue that most bedrooms have in common is the big blank wall. One way to add character and luxury to a room is by hanging graphic art or photographs on bare walls. You should have as many pictures of the family as you may want in other rooms; however, it is better to ensure that the photos in the bedroom are less emotionally loaded. As such, you should only include calming photos that evoke soothing feelings.

Prints, Prints, And Prints

When it comes to bedroom décor, a printed bedspread or comforter does a lot to lift the overall décor of the room. If you can find a way to ensure that your art kind of ties in with the bedspread, then you will have managed to add an element of drama to the bedroom decor. The same is true for your bedroom fixtures, especially regarding quality, design, and color.

Funky Rugs All Along

It is also central to pay attention to the floor, although it may not be a prominent feature in your photographs. A cheery and comfortable rug or mat can add a burst of needed color to your room.

Warm Your Room Up With A Lamp

Lamps add warmth to a room, so soft lighting adds a sense of warm comfort that is necessary for any bedroom. The lights will also work to efficiently and conveniently add lighting for your shoot.

Incorporate Prints In Your Bedroom Pieces

Prints are not reserved for bedcovers only. Prints can be just as commanding when they are set on various objects, such as on lampshades or picture frames.

Consistency Is The Key – Even In Decorating

You could acquire every fancy item imaginable for styling your bedroom; however, if the items do not match, then your efforts would be futile. Pick a theme – your theme should seem apparent in a way that allows your wall coverings, the bedspread, the art, and the lighting to work together cohesively, and stick to it.