How to Use Image Enhancement Tools to Take Your Art to a Higher Level

Disclaimer: I know that there are photographers who use image enhancement software and tools – and using them doesn’t take anything away from their ability as photographers. Yes, many photographers will agree that an ounce of a well-composed and thought-of photograph is worth its weight in gold compared to taking a crummy shot and peppering it with post-production enhancements, but learning image enhancement as a tool in your arsenal shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. In fact, it is a valuable skill that should be adopted by everyone even remotely interested in photography.

We’ll get through the reasons in just a moment.

The Importance Of Image Enhancement In Present Times

Why is image enhancing important? In this era of digitisation it is extremely important to stay presentable in all aspects – one only need look at the proliferation of Instagram and other social media channels that require almost perfect photographs and techniques to gain a solid following. The same is true for glossy magazines – though we all know that proper diet and exercise, whether you do it at the gym or at home with an elliptical machine (as it’s best for small spaces) can make a model look absolutely stunning without image enhancement whatsoever, we all know the truth that most magazines do some sort of post-production. Just look at the various threads on the internet and social media exposing this practice.

See, a brand is judged by its appearance first and later comes the functionalities it offers. To make things beautiful and presentable, Adobe Photoshop and various other tools (to a lesser extent) are used by graphic designers to enhance the look of an image. An image can portray anything. It can represent a logo, an idea, a message, an identity or any other thing that a brand or an individual wants to represent. Many times, the image does not score well in terms of quality and thus needs some editing to make it appear more attractive. So, whether you are uploading your personal album from your latest trip in the social media or you want to promote your business with your product images, whatever be the purpose, you might need top-quality image enhancer software to make a lasting impact on viewers.

Common Tools

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and was first launched in 1988 by Adobe Systems as a graphics editing tool. Since its inception, Photoshop has come up with various updates and versions keeping in trend with industry demands. The latest version was released in June 2016 and has some unique features added to the existing list of features. Photoshop is a simple tool that is widely used among photographers, graphic designers and editors all over the world. There are many other tools and software available in the market that claim to offer better features and editing options than Photoshop but none of them have actually been able to replace it. In recent times, with increased use of smart phones, several image enhancing and editing apps have come up that are easy-to-use and are user-friendly. These predefined mechanisms help you transform your image into a much better version in visual aspects. These free software also allow editing images as per your preference like add text, change backgrounds, put effects, increase or decrease quality, create collages, and so on and so forth.

Literally An Infinite Amount Of Resources For Anyone To Learn

With so many options available, it is really confusing to select the best image enhancing tool to get results. If you are a photography or graphics professional you must be aware of various other techniques and tools that provide similar or even better options. The software can be a licensed product to be purchased against a subscription fee or can also be a free version. However, it is best to choose free tools before you invest in a licensed product to learn basic skills about image enhancing. There are a plenty of videos on Youtube and blogs providing tutorials and reviews about the latest image enhancing tools available in the market – even you can become a wizard at this if you put in the time.