Want To Make Your Smartphone Images Even Better? Try These Cutting-Edge Apps

Around 85% of all digital photos taken in a single year are snapped on a smartphone. So, it’s no wonder that more people are looking for convenient and efficient ways of editing their photos on the move.

There’s a lot of software for your PC to help you to fine-tune images, but if all your pest pictures are on your cell phone, what do you do? The good news is that there are a bunch of apps which have been recently released to help you to get the perfect look you want for your shots.

Here are some of the most cutting-edge that will help you to get the amazing selfies and Instagram-worthy photos you’ve been dreaming of.

Making Photographs Pop

Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, A Color Story is an amazing solution for making photos really stand out from the crowd. This is a particularly good choice for anyone who needs to hone their photos for use on an eCommerce website since it is perfect for enhancing product images. There are lots of filters to choose from, both free and paid. Even the free filters do a great job of whitening and brightening dull photographs and you can simply drag along the slider for an easy way of adjusting the intensity of the filter. You can even apply several filters at once. There are Crop & Frame or Adjust & Crop options which can edit a host of individual photographic elements like contrast, clarity, saturation, exposure and brightness. Even better, you can save all the editing steps you make and reuse them on future edits – perfect if you’re batch-editing.

Pixomatic – Great For Blurring A Distracting Background

If you’ve taken a fantastic photo, but then discovered that the background is messy and distracting, you need an app which can blur it out. Pixomatic is perfect. You can get it for free for Android or for a small fee for iOS devices. This app is super simple to use, letting you outline the focal point the blur the background so you can achieve the DSLR look without needing a DSLR camera.

Alternatively, if you’ve spotted unwanted objects in your shot, they won’t be a problem with the TouchRetouch app. You don’t need to trash your photo or fire up Photoshop. All you need is this handy app to remove anything that is too eye-catching or distracting from the background of your image. This incredibly cheap app is suitable for both Android and iOS devices and the result is very clean, with no trace of your edit left behind.

Future Apps On The Horizon?

Although they haven’t been developed yet, the future of photographic apps looks very exciting. Experts are predicting that augmented and virtual reality will be the future of enhanced photography, and new and advanced apps are within reaching distance which will allow ordinary photographers to achieve AR and VR from their own cell phones. VR gaming has been around for a few years now, with games available on devices like the PSVR and HTC Vive, and also  on Steam allowing us to experience a virtual world close up. The technology is close at hand to allow us to experience our own videos and photographs in the same way.

Already, app makers are experimenting with Virtual, mixed and augmented reality. However, these are still very much in their infancy, mainly focusing on funny selfies.

However, the widespread adoption of these early apps shows that there is a drive towards the improvement of image recognition technology, and device manufacturers and operating systems providers are heading towards improving technology so that app developers can harness the potential of the latest capabilities.

This is an exciting time in the world of photography, and for both professional and amateur photographers who are looking for ways to enhance, improve and upgrade their images, the world of apps looks set to be one to watch over the years to come.